Sorry I can't visit

So, I don’t know if anybody else follows fighting like I do.
But about a month ago I entered a contest on Twitter to win tickets to a fight.
Last week I get an email telling me I won, I was partially skeptical, but since I did actually enter I did some research and did actually win.
So Friday through Sunday morning I will be in Atlanta for the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren fight.
Flight, hotel, and tickets for me and a buddy.
I won’t have any time to see any of you assholes that live in Atlanta (Henry, BMW, etc.), our itinerary is full.
My son is pissed he can’t go, but he is only 16 and the minimum age is 18.
My daughter is pissed (she is 18) but she doesn’t care about the fights, only wanted to go to Atlanta.

Congratulations. The last live fight I saw was Dick the Bruiser vs. The Sheik in a cage match. I suspect yours will be a bit more honest and hope it is a as entertaining.

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Sounds like a fun weekend. I’ve never been to an UFC fight but used to go to local kick boxing fights with a few buddies, it’s much more exciting live than on TV. Hope you see some good matches and stay out of trouble.

Nice, have fun dude. My weekend is jammed as well, the only thing cuttable for a drink meetup would be my girlfriend and that would make her and my penis sad.

Too old to do anything to get myself in trouble. But I may get the chance to meet Snoop Dogg.

Have fun!

And I get to spend my weekend editing some stuff I have written. My least favorite part. Trade you.