Sorry, cops got no case against Afroman

This is really funny.

Sorry, you break down his door on a flimsy BS warrant, it is from his own home security.

Don’t get pissed when your own incompetence gets distributed.

Normally I may side with the cops but they raided his home. It’s not like he was harassing them on the street.

I agree. I am not seeing where the cops have a case since they were on his property.

The interesting thing is, I never heard of the case, or TBH, Afroman, until this came out this week. So, if their goal was to minimize the embarrassment, they just ran afoul of the Streisand Effect.

Good point, I have heard of Afroman, but not my genre of music.
I would have never watched the video with them in it.

Slight tangent, Jimmy Buffett has a song titled “Jamaica Mistacia” about when he was forced down in Jamaicain airspace because they thought he was a drug runner.

You never heard “Because I got high”?

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Guess I’m out of the loop, as usual. Guess he’ll have to join Willie, Snoop, Kris, and Jamey.

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