Songs that evoke a memory

When my husband and I took our first cruise, during the middle seventies, the ship’s band played this song quite often while we were dancing.

When I was 15, my dad transferred from Orlando to Dallas and I was leaving the only place I had ever lived. We flew on a vacation before going to Dallas, and back then headphones and music was pretty new on airliners. This song was playing on the audio. The part that evokes a memory is that after the plane took off and banked over the place where I was born, it was the end of the song…“don’t fly away” was playing as I watched the world below me.

Each year, I place a Hummingbird feeder outside and have the pleasure of watching them for about 4 months. About 2 to 3 weeks ago they left to winter over in either Mexico or Central America.

Here is a video of someone who has gained the trust of the H Birds.

That’s so cool

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Thanks, Payless, for reminding me of this song. I always liked this song, but the first time I saw the Rockies and spent time in them (summer of my 33rd, not 27th, year), I understood.

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I guess John Denver did a lot I guess. We are in the time of year when I will sometimes take my bike on the trails. Crisp, cool autumn day with the sun shining down makes me realize that life really is good

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