Something besides politics, GO DAWGS

UGA 49, Oregon 3. Oregon came into the game ranked 11th. I suspect they will fall a bunch. Ga came into the game ranked 3rd. Ga. looked as good or better than they did last year.

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Looks like unfranked Florida is giving Utah all they can handle too.

I see all is well in Lincoln for this week.

Yes, all is calm for now

Am I remembering incorrectly or didn’t the NFL used to start the season on Labor Day weekend?

Wow, did anyone else see the end of the LSU v. Florida State game?

No, better than Raiders/Chargers?

I turned it off when LSU muffed the punt and Fla. St. recovered with only a minute or two left.


Muffed punt by LSU.
Fumble on the 1 yard line by Florida St.
99 yard drive for potential tying TD by LSU with no time on clock.
Blocked extra point tj end the game.

In other news the Atlanta Braves are looking as good or better than last year when they won the WS. The Mets have handled the Braves to this point but they’re staying on brand with their late season collapse.

Dang, turned it off too early.

So you still follow MLB? I lost interest many years ago.

Fair weather fan, i piggyback off what my buddies talk about.

I kinda wanted the Raiders/Chargers game to end in a tie. It would have been a nice way to kill off Roethlisberger’s career.

My son and I were watching that in disbelief.

I made the comment that is was a real life example of the “prisoners dilemma “