Someday, I hope to hear a recorded voice telling me “we’re experiencing shorter than usual wait times. We’ll get to you in 30 seconds…hello, how can I help you?”

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I’ve used the chat option from companies instead of calling, it seems they always had someone available immediately.

I like the option where you have them call you when they have someone available. That way, I can continue to do what I’m doing instead of listening to their hold music. But some don’t offer it. I hung up on Chase after 40 minutes and told them to call me. They still won’t.

I’d do that and put them on hold for 40 minutes. :smiley:

I had an issue several years ago with Blue Cross and a prescription.
I called them and they wanted to have a supervisor call me back “when they were available”.
I told them I would be happy to stay on hold. I put my phone on speaker and waited for about an hour.
Eventually the same person came back on and just agreed with my side of the discussion.

I sent a Secure online message to Chase, but they respond that they need to discuss. It’s a technical issue (with their app), but they don’t refer me to the tech people, but to the regular customer line. I spent 20 minutes waiting for a rep on that line, then another 20 waiting for a tech, before hanging up because I had to go into a meeting. I refuse to wait longer than that, so I refused to call back and they won’t provide another option. I think I figured out what’s going on anyway, and I doubt they’ll fix it.

Not a fan of chat.

Slow response time.
Questions of no value.
Seldom get an Answer that makes sense.

Sprint/T-Mobile has done well, others not so much

Depends on whether you are chatting with a human or a chatbot. The latter are utterly useless as far as I can tell. I’m not asking questions simple enough for chatbots to answer.

Exactly, if my question were simple I could have Googled it.

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