Some of its magic…

…some of its tragic, but I had a good life along the way!

Best show I have ever saw.

That would be nails on chalk board for me, but that’s why they make all kinds of shows. I saw Hamilton last night and while I enjoyed it, it’s not even in my top 5 favorite shows.


My favorite is book of the Mormon.

I like theater a lot. My girlfriend was surprised. Haha. She thought I might be gay at first because she doesn’t know any guy who like theater.

I like experiences.

Just don’t tell brobbs, he’ll accuse you of having a damp vagina. I also love Broadway, been going for 25 years now.

My daughters joke is;
“I tell my friends that my dad does community theater, and they ask me ‘which dad’?”

She’s learned to accept that I like shows. She loves it now. She’s learned I’m just a little more cultured is all.

I don’t get why many men are anti theater. It’s actually very entertaining.

My son did ballet for three years.
If anybody gave him crap he would tell them to come to one practice with him and then talk. Nobody took him up on it.
Ironically, the people that really understood it were fellow wrestlers. They asked him why, even though he is so thin, he has such a strong core and legs.

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