Some college football fans were quite mad NBC interrupted Clemson-Notre Dame for Joe Biden's victory speech

If I had been watching that game I would not have been happy either.

I felt the same way this past week when the local station cut into The People’s Court to show Trump’s speech about how he won with all of the legal votes.

This reminds me of a time in 1982 when the New York Jets were playing the Los Angeles Raiders in a playoff game. The Jets were winning but the Raiders were driving for a go-ahead score. At 7 PM sharp the local affiliate cut-in to show the Pennsylvania Lottery drawing. While they were showing the drawing the Jets intercepted the ball. That did not go over well.

That reminds me of the 1968 Heidi Game, a game I was watching. The Jets were leading Oakland 32-29 with a minute left, and NBC cut away at 7 p.m. to show their very heavily promoted special, ‘Heidi’. Oakland scored 14 points in the last minute to win 43-32. Despite the loss, the Jets went on to the Super Bowl and beat the Colts.

I was one-year old when that happened, so I have no memory of that. However, I did read about it. I also remember reading how that game led the networks to declare that they would no longer cut-away from football games early.

This also brings back memories of growing up on the east coast where it seemed like every week the NFL games would run over on Sunday night and the prime-time television shows would be delayed. That is another example of why I prefer living on the west coast when it comes to live prime-time events.

I remember the Heidi game. Not cool.