Social Truth

Has anyone heard of a new social media website called social truth? It appears that everyone on Facebook is talking about this new platform but I don’t know anything about it.

I think it’s “Truth Social” and it’s Donald Trump’s version of Tweeyter. But it’s in the news since it really hasn’t had the best of startups.

Yes, that’s probably the one you’re hearing about. It’s Trump’s new one, run by Devin Nunes. And despite all the hoopla, last I heard, Trump hadn’t even joined.

Never would have guessed that Trump was such a fan of irony, and humor…“truth” social…

Probably truth social. I bought $1000 in DWAC stock which is suppose to be the SPAC entity to take it public. I was only willing to throw a grand at this stock.

Ive not signed up for it. Last i heard it was only available for apple. Ill probably check it out when available.

Thank You… good idea!

Too bad we are not in the days of Stock Certificates, this would be one to keep and frame. I seem to recall when some would buy one share of Playboy to get the Certificate.

I hate to point this out, but the right ridiculed the startup problems of the Health Exchange in 2010. That was a system that had to handle a hundred million or more users and burped. But they had the problems fixed very quickly. It’s been a couple of months since the “debut” of Truth Social…a site that promises that there is NO censorship. Well…except for posts that are critical of the site founder - regardless of how factual they are. But Trump might be willing to start issuing stock certificates - it would one more thing where he got rich and his believers got nothing.

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