So we had a little storm blow thru yesterday

And we did a “devastation ride” today. Here’s a couple of pictures of the aftermath. The top picture is on the Kansas side and the bottom is the Missouri side. These were the only ones we stopped to take pictures of, but our ride started in Mi$$ion Hill$…a pretty exclusive area (top photo was taken there) and there were a couple that had trees about that size fall on the house.

For scale of how big some of these trees were - I am 6’4

Why do people live in the Midwest again?

I think I mentioned, gf got caught in a hailstorm on a drive through KS recently. Repairs are about $11,000.

This rolled through my area but not as intense. 2 weeks ago one rolled through here. It left a couple hundred thousand without power. My dads neighbor is amature whether person and they registered 113 mph winds. My dads neighborhood had huge shingle damage. Others in old neighborhoods with mature trees were devastated with tree damage.

I personally like powerful thunderstorms. They are soothing to sit outside on the porch and witness natures power.

Winds in this one were between 85 and 100 mph. We got several inches of rain (which we needed) in an hour. Pretty much every traffic signal was out, The rain was so intense that it literally power washed my back window. They said about 200,000 lost power. Mine never did, although one block over did lose power. The one thing I wonder about though - if the signal is out, some people apparently believe that it means they don’t have to stop. On todays ride, we had to cross a couple of intersections where the signals were out and while we were waiting, a delivery van just went right thru. I sometimes want to stop them and ask what they would do if someone they were driving on the cross street, would that “no stop” rule apply?

Neighbors had a tree fall on their house. We cut out tree down last year. Cost about 9k to have it removed. It was dying and I didn’t want it falling o the house

People are being quoted $12,000 to remove a downed tree from their house. Seems like it should be a bit less as they don’t have to worry about a branch hitting the tree.

Depends on how they have to remove it. They had to use a crane for mine.

Damn, I need a side hustle!!

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