So how about dem Dolphins!

70-20…too much or just right?

Sorry Mcarley, you did bring your ponies into the Fish Tank.

I picked them in my survivor pool got 50 points still behind but hey i’ll take it

Too early prediction.
Tua front runner for MVP

The Bills Mafia are already screaming “Squish the Fish” for next week!

A herd of stampeding buffalo will stomp all over the meek tuna fish.

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I don’t have a dog in the fight (although I know the family of the Dolphins 3rd string QB).
I am giving my unbiased opinion, I said the same thing to my son during the game.

The Dolphins must have cried to the NFL to get that game at Buffalo in September instead of December.

It was in the script!!

One could just as easily say that the Bills cried to the NFL to not have the game in Miami iN September.

Chiefs played in Jacksonville last week and there was a lot of talk on sports radio regarding the heat.

When the stadium was renovated, the roof was designed so that 90% of the fans were in the shade at 1pm. The 10% that are in the sun is visitors sideline.

We will learn a little about the Dolphins next week. Just hope the players don’t buy into the hype.

Any way you look at it, the Dolphins lost a big home-field advantage when they left the Orange Bowl. The closed end of that stadium could be murder on a visiting team.