Smart Phone Battery Life

I read an article about ways to extend the life of your smart phone battery and they had a suggestion that I did not know. It said that the Facebook app is a huge battery drainer so it is better to access Facebook through the web browser on your smart phone. Then once you log into your Facebook account there is an option to put an icon for it on the home screen of your smart phone. I tried it and the icon to access Facebook through the web looks the same as the Facebook app.

I choose to not have the Facebook app (and Twitter for that matter) on my phone. Makes life more fun.

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I access FB through a browser more often than not, but the functionality is different. It’s annoying.

My new Moto G Power (2021) has a ridiculous battery life, I’ve gone 2 full days without charging and it was still above 20%. That’s with using it to listen to music, go online, watch videos, etc which is pretty awesome for a phone under $300.

I love Moto’s, but my family made me get an I-phone

This is my third Motorola phone and I’ve been happy with them. My last one was going strong until the USB port got messed up. My wife and son are Apple people.

+1 or any other device.

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