Smart Canadian woman refuses to fight man

Female boxer withdraws from Canadian tournament after being told her rival was transgender with an HOUR’S notice, leaving her fearing for her safety | Daily Mail Online

If enough women do this, it will force a halt to this foolishness.


Any chance the Canadian authorities will have her arrested for outting the trans man

It’s why I think Canada needs to pass a law that bans the criminalization of hate speech - something Americas hat to the north doesn’t understand - by the way my heritage is from Quebec and Ontario province

It’s another reason why I disagree with Nikki Haley; Canada would love to know who to deny entry for comments in chat rooms

It’s interesting the pseudo science who claims
Trans women are more like biological women than men strength wise.

Studies haven’t shown that. A well trained man who transitions is still much stronger than a trained woman.

Since mcarley always argues this. Here is a cite.

Trans woman

Oh yes thanks.