Since when do idiots get to dictate medical care?

It’s incredible that some of these lawsuits have been successful, even if only temporarily.

Then get an official looking doctor on a conservative news network and tell them that it’s been proven that shoving a red hot poker up their ass will cure hemorrhoids. Then have the tell their doctors that they demand that treatment.

Based on what we’re seeing, that’s entirely possible.

I don’t think that’s the correct way. You’ll have to check out unashamed by Phil Robertson

Si probably has an “even” better cure lol. I think he suggests using Vicks Vapor Rub instead. They mention a hot poker but it’s not a ringing endorsement

About 3.55 to 8 minutes into the video

When it comes to Medical, Trump had a Vaccine.

Biden is doing what Dems do, enforcement on hard working Americans.

Seems Illegals are exempt from the Enforcement.

Oh and BLM is exempt from any kind of enforcement.

And if Fauci said rubbing peanut butter on your butt protected you from Covid the left would buy all the peanut butter in e grocery stores

Maybe so…but they won’t walk into a guy who spent YEARS in college and in practice and DEMAND that this doctor give them horse medicine for Covid (that they likely don’t have). Thank God Republicans didn’t abolish frivolous medical lawsuits, as I see quite a few on the horizon.

Trump had a vaccine (that he kept really quite about). He also took hydroxychloriquine (so he said) when he didn’t have malaria and hadn’t had Covid yet…I wonder who gave him the prescription for a drug that wasn’t approved for Covid (that he didn’t have…and that didn’t prevent him from getting it) and then telling everybody what a wonder drug it was. Might have motivated some folks to go to THEIR doctor and demand the treatment that the president was taking.

As for taking a “cure” before the fact…it’s kind of like having a couple of penicillin shots before hitting the red light district for a night with the hookers.

A lot of drugs are used off label.
This only made news because of a media with TDS.

By the way it did help.

And a doctor is the one to recommend it. Now they are going to their doctor and telling them what to give them. If I were a doc, I would pull out one of those “release of liability” forms if he honors the patients request that would state should death result, the patient will not hold the doctor responsible for following the patients orders.

Which one - invermectin or hydroxycholorquine. I know you all like the narrative that Fauci and the CDC are controlled by socialist in the democratic party and they would withhold these treatments to covid patients. There’s a vaccine…many don’t want an “experimental” vaccine, but they will jump at the chance to take medicine that is most commonly dispensed up a horses ass and not have a problem with it.