Should this priest be defrocked?

Seems like this goes against his vows.

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If accurate, YES. Assuming she is the one that went public with this she now has a responsibility to go to the local bishop with it.

Not sure why this is under Humor and Cooking.

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Yes, he should be defrocked. ONe of the strictest rules of confession is that your confession remains confidential. Even if the priest suggested that she tell her husband, he should say nothing.

I think a lot of thing are put under humor and cooking because they are hard to categorize. I felt odd about putting death announcements in humor. But Current events is about as political as politics, and it really doesn’t fit in the others.

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Didn’t really fit any other category.

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This is most likely a made up story to karma whore on Reddit

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Seeing that it WAS a reddit post, I too think, it’s made up. I’m not a big fan of the church, but while some priests might “push the boundaries” on political issues, I seriously doubt that one would ever share what they heard in confession with that parishioners spouse.

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It may happen on occasion but 99.999% of Reddit larping for karma.

Most priest take their job seriously.

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Fair enough, I got it through Yahoo and didn’t really look closely at where it originated.

I missed it as well. After WM mentioned reddit, I went back in and sure enough - it’s related to reddit.

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Yes taking a vow of poverty is a huge commitment

I believe it’s actually supposed to be anonymous

There is/should be no paper trail or recording for confessions. Sometimes the priest knows the pentitent. Sometimes someone travels to a different diocese to be completely anonymous

This is NEVER allowed. However it’s likely not accurate as Reddit posts typically are tall tales

If accurate the priest needs to be excommunicated so people can be confident in confession

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