She is seeing the wrong type of Dr

She needs serious mental health help!!

Except the mask won’t curb it. Maybe marginally.

This is the problem is people don’t understand the science behind it all.

Since she’s indoors. The ventilation is the most important aspect. It’s what will prevent the virus from spreading.

Since she is a lawyer questioning her Dr., doesn’t that make her a science denier?

It makes her obnoxious.

I will say how it spreads is still fascinating.

My cousin refuses to wear a mask. She’s handled dying Covid patients all through the pandemic. Never caught it once. She was in their homes either assisting or hospice.

She should have caught it.

I wore mask where required and caught it when I was home for 4 weeks. I wasn’t around anyone other than my family.

It’s very odd

Denier? Yeah she denies reality!

COVID-19 is the largest, most sophisticated propaganda operation in history.

And she, like many other millions, have bought the propaganda and the irrational measures such as masks, socialist distancing, lock downs, and big pharma’s experimental products that not only do not work, they cause far more harm than any potential good.

Ms Wu needs to get a grip and learn that she’s been duped.

I’m a big fan of social distancing but studies were all over the place. I just like it because I don’t want strangers in my space.

Anyone who thought masks work should still be wearing them everywhere, Covid isn’t over plus RSV and the flu are bad this year, the rest of know better.

In Oregon I still saw the elderly wearing them. My understanding is the predates the pandemic. In the more rural areas the pollen is brutal. So people work mask to reduce allergy problems.

I don’t remember seeing it before the pandemic but mask would work to reduce pollen.

I think it’s a holdover from the pandemic but for the elderly it’s a good idea. Covid is much more deadly for them and any chance of reducing risk makes sense

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The thing that is odd is the tremendous difference in immune response from individual to individual. I deal with it every day. I hear, " My friend did not get an infection after his root canal. Why did I? You must have done something wrong!"

Nope, I do it the same in everyone. It is the human immune response that differs. If it under-responds, there is an infection. If it over-responds, there is terrific inflammation. If it responds normally, post-op symptoms are minimal.

People are stuck with the immune system they get.