She Hulk

Some people will find anything to complain about.
There are a couple of conservative commentators (I think Ben Shapiro is one) that are complaining about She Hulk being “woke”.

You really have to try hard and look at everything through a political lens to come to that conclusion. I was actually skeptical of the premise. She Hulk, attorney at law. All i could think of was the old SNL skit “Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer” (RIP Phil Hartman).
But it is well written and funny so far.

In the view of some people, anything that features an LGBT character or even mentions racism is woke and therefore suspect.

I don’t know much about she hulk, The main complaint I’ve heard is that the basic concept is silly.

It is, which is why I was skeptical.
But sometimes silly is OK.
And my wife actually likes it, which says something about a Marvel show.

Yes, well, we’ve already established that she is smarter than you, right?

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