Setup email accounts

I was wondering if it was possible to setup email accounts in our names for our kids where we can change the password and monitor their activity


Pretty sure gmail has that option.
I did it several years ago with my kids, my email still gets notifications when they log in from a new device.

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Very cool. That’ll help

That gets annoying as hell.

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I set them up for my kids. They are only 3 & 6. I periodically send them emails. One day when they are grown up, I will give them the password so they can read my emails.

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I could stop it, but it only really happens about once or twice a year.

When my daughter was in high school I put a software on our computer that would take screenshots of where they had been and it also had a keylogger so that you could capture passwords from any site that they shouldn’t be on. That’s been 15 years ago and I can’t recall the name - but it captured a lot. It would also capture any online chats. If I saw inappropriate sites I would go into the router software and block access. Google parental control software.

The one thing I’m glad I didn’t have to do was track the cell phone. I think there is software to do it, but it wasn’t available back then.

We never did that with our kids, the rule was we got their phone immediately, no questions asked up request.
One funny story from when they were a lot younger.
We told them that youtube was off limits, not because of what they would search, but because of what may be posted disguised as something for kids, and they followed that rule.
One time in the car they were talking about a video they watched on grandmas computer and I said the youtube rule was for grandmas house too.
The reply was “It wasn’t youtube, it was yahoo videos”.
It sucks having smart kids sometimes.

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