Serious or Troll - Ask Amy: 23-year-old personal trainer getting way too personal with female clients

Do you think this letter writer is serious or trolling?

My vote is trolling. This just seems a bit too absurd.

One of my good friends owns a CrossFit box. He’s hit up all the time by people who attend the gym.

He doesn’t sleep with them but I could see a trainer getting hit on.

My guess is he’s trolling, too many details. He may have slept with a few clients but the rest of his story seems like BS.

I vote troll, there is NO WAY some dude is gonna raise his whore wife’s twins.

A co-worker buddy of mine is 25 and he hunts cougars at the gym. I’ve been going to Orangetheory (group fitness) and it’s absolutely a target rich environment.

Or it may have been a slow day for the Columnist and decided to make up the “question to Ask Amy”.

I’ll bet this happens a lot. It’s not an advice column, it’s entertainment.

Back when I saw patients, it wasn’t that uncommon.

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