Self-driving cabs, good and bad

It’s funny, most of the problems they describe seem to come from the cars being over cautious.

Well, there’s this.

That’s mentioned in the article I posted. Not surprising. I just don’t want to be the next fare.

Good or bad I believe that self driving cabs, cars and self driving trucks are in the future.

They may not all come in our life time but I believe they are on they way.

They are here.

I consider them to be in the developmental phase because they are not as functional as they need to be.

Self driving trucks are being tested,

Some day they will be the dominate method of freight transport.

I tend to agree, especially with my experience with my car, even though I don’t have full FSD. But for better or worse, some are on the road.

Recall seeing a porn like that once or a 1,000 times.

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