Self defense Insurance

Any recommendations? I’m going to spend the about 1-2 years In Oregon before I move to Florida.

Since Oregon is falling apart, I may actually have to defend myself.

Pretty sad isn’t it?

Once we had a government we could rely on to help protect us from the evils of crime or at least stand by us when we protected ourselves. Now we have to buy insurance to protect ourselves from that very same government.

Look at Trump… all the insurance and money won’t keep rogue prosecutors from going after you.

You may want to look at umbrella insurance but I doubt that would cover willful acts of self defense.

I would say my odds will go up for a long duration stay in Oregon of running into a self defense scenario.

I am not worried about a home shooting since that is fairly cut and dry.

I am worried about shooting someone in the downtown area. I am in the process of getting my Oregon CCW to make sure I am compliant.

the town I live in is purple but the blue haired she men love to protest a shooting.

So far, the worst that has happened is a bum sleeping on my lawn.

As well you should be.

Most people don’t realize this, but even in places like Texas, you are regarded essentially as guilty until proven innocent after a shooting outside of your own home.

Opening fire in a public place gives the DA all the ammunition in the world to tarnish your character in court.

In ultra left wing fantasylands like the northwest, it’s even worse because the laws are stricter and the culture is predominantly anti-gun.

That is the one oddity of Oregon. They are very pro gun. That doesn’t mean they are pro-self defense but everyone has guns.

I have a friend (my Real estate agent) who is extremely liberal but has a gun collection larger than mine.

It is part of the outdoor redneck culture.

The crime in Salem, the city where I live, has drastically went up over the past few years. Luckily, I am a large man, so most people leave me alone.

That said, a few months ago, there was a random stabbing at the local mall.

Talk to an insurance agent that sells insurance in that market.

Coverage determinations are made on the basis of the facts of the shooting and the language in the petition for damages.

Example, if you shoot at a perp and miss hitting an innocent victim the claim of the innocent victim would probably be covered.

If a jury found you guilty of comiting a crime in shooting the perp you may not have any coverage because it is against public policy to insure against claims for commiting a crime.

Also, there could be specific state statutes the effect coverage.

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