Sean Payton to Denver

Payton had better be good. In between what the Broncos gave up to get Russell Wilson and Payton, they won’t be getting much from the draft.

Not sure how to feel about this. They’re basically betting a first round draft pick (plus more) that Payton is better than another coach would be and can fix Wilson. If that turns out to be true, then it might be worth it, but they need a new OL, and not having draft picks makes that harder too.

There has to be at least a 5 year plan.
Payton gives them the credibility to lose for a few years.

Here is a great summary:

Here’s the Broncos’ total cost for both Russell Wilson and Sean Payton:

Broncos Traded :
Three first-round picks
Three second-round picks
2022 5th-round pick
QB Drew Lock
TE Noah Fant
*DL Shelby Harris *

Broncos Received:
QB Russell Wilson
HC Sean Payton
2022 fourth-round pick
2024 third-round pick

That’s a lot. And, even if Payton “fixes” Wilson, you have the best QB in the league in the same division and two other damn good ones in the same conference. Getting even one SB during the Wilson window (and while the defense is still really good) will be a challenge.

And again, with what resources do they fix the OL?

Wait what black coach did they interview first?

They interviewed a couple and the rumor is the SF DC was at the top of their list, but Houston got him.

I wonder what it says about the Broncos job that a top tier coach chose the Texans shitshow over them.

At least they have a sense of humor about it.