Screwed by a technicality

Athlete gets screwed at the last minute.

It’s an awesome achievement but the course was too short.

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Bingo! The event and record were for 100 miles, and tbe course was not 100 miles. That is not a technicality. It is not her fault and it sucks for her, but it is what it is.

If any route is changed for an event such as this, it needs to be remeasured very shortly thereafter.

Yes, but what sucks is that should have been known before the race.

You know the old saying, measure twice screw up a world record once, or something like that. It sounds like they remeasured the course after the record was broken and it came up short. Going forward they really should make sure it’s 100 miles before the race.

THat’s what I’m saying…if you make a change - VERIFY it. Yeah…technically the course was too short, but all the way up to, and during the event - EVERYBODY thought it was the right length. I wonder if she regrets setting a record since that is what apparently triggered the new measurement. I guess it’s due to global shrinking.