SCOUTS is going to hand the NCAA its ass

About time, the NCAA’s arguments border on absurd.

From Kav;

Is the compensation of an education meaningless anymore? I mean at some of the schools like Stanford, Northwestern, etc that comes out to be $60-$70k PER YEAR. If that is no longer relevant then we need to just establish minor leagues for all sports so kids that don’t value education can just skip it all together.

This may accelerate the widely held belief that NCAA Division 1 is going to split into the factory schools and the student/athlete schools.

When a coach is more influential in the athletes class and major selection thana an academic advisor.
When an athlete does not have the same rights as every other student in college to make money off of their skills.
When the “compensation” in any other trade would be considered price control and collusion.
And when the graduation rate of student athletes is as abismall as it currently is.

The answer is yes.