Scan Card Before Entering

Costco Is Testing A New Policy That Would Require Customers To Scan Membership Cards

I previously posted that this might be one way to help control shop lifting.

I don’t think Costco has a problem with shop lifting, they’re trying to stop people from sharing memberships. I’d have no problem with having to scan my card to enter, they scan your card when you check out.

During the holidays there is a staff member at the front of the self checkout looking at cards ti make sure it is the right person.

I agree with you.

I am thinking that vendors that do have a problem with shop lifting might consider this as a tool.

I’ve never wanted a Costco card but a friend took me once. There were samples at every corner of the aisles and we tried them all. He said that’s the cheapest lunch date he had ever been on.

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When my kids were toddlers my wife was out of town.
I went to Costco inadvertently at lunch time, we hit all the samples and my kids considered that lunch.
My wife called as we were leaving and asked what I was feeding them for lunch, I told her we just had samples for lunch and they were happy.
One of the funniest Dad wins I remember.

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