Safety Recalls

I got a second safety recall on my BMW in just two years. Last time it took over six months before they had the remedy for it and now it has been four months and they still don’t have a remedy for it.

In the past I rarely had a recall and when I did they usually had the remedy by the time I received the recall notices.

What do you think is causing this situation

Is it because cars are not made as well as they use to be or because in the past they overlooked problems and didn’t do anything about it

Cars are generally made better than they used to be, but more complex and with more computer equipment. More parts lead to more things that can go wrong.

Also, safety standards are higher.


Manufacturers, especially the “high end” ones seem to over engineer things these days.

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My maverick has 3 outstanding recalls.

Side airbags. There are so many recalls on bags it is insane.
Trailer brake controller does not work. This is over engineered thing. Apparently there is a software update.
Turn Signals don’t always work. Apparently there is a software fix.

I have 72K miles and haven’t fixed them yet. Its a real PITA to get these fixed. They should send out mobile mechanic to fix these things or compensate me for my time.

There are more bells and whistles on modern cars. More shit to go wrong.


My Tesla has had a few, but luckily, they’re mostly done via software updates.

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