Ryobi 40v

I’m a fan of Ryobi tools, they’re decent quality and power for the price and are fine for homeowners. I have around a dozen Ryobi 18v tools including a weed wacker and leaf blower that work fine for light triming and blowing. I bought a 40v trimmer/edger off Marketplace for $70 and it’s F’ing powerful. I can’t believe how well it works and would put it up against any gas trimmer. I’d like to get the 40v mower, but my 15 year old Toro 4 stroke still works great, starts on the second pull everytime.

I have Ryobi tools that all use the same 18 volt battery. A drill, air compressor and my favorite of them all[chemical sprayer]

I’ve had the 40v Ryobi weedwacker for 4 years now, I love it! I used to have a Poulan gas WW that was a real pain to start every Spring. Then it was hard to start every time. In the trash it went!

I only have minimal ryobi tools. I have extensive selection of kobalt 24v tools and love them. I got a used 80v kobalt mower. I was impressed how well it worked but no replacement for has toro. I gave the 80v to my mother-in-law since she struggles pull starting gas mower. Thing i really liked was not having to restart the mower a down times when kids toys are misplaced in the yard. Most of my mowing is done on the 50" riding mower.

I have 24v, 40v, and 80v weedeaters by kobalt. The 40v is very disappointing. I gave the 24v to my dad for his tiny yard. It does surpringly well for such a tiny battery. I gave the 80v to mother-in-law since she has hard time pulling cord. The 80v is pretty good. None of them replace my echo srm230. That thing is a beast! Living in the sticks and not weed whacking as often as i should, i need POWER and thick line. I also didnt like the small line limits on the battery tools.

I inly have the 1/2 impact, caulking gun, and grease gun in ryobi.

Battery grease gun is nice when you have to grease farm equipment. I might go through 3 tubes of grease in a day when i need to pump grease.

I was debating about buying the kobalt sprayer.

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