Ruth Chris Steak House

I am disappointed to hear that Darden, who owns Red Lobster and Olive Garden, is buying The Ruth Chris Steak House chain.

I love Ruth Chris and am concerned that having a parent company that owns very mediocre restaurants will adversely affect the quality of Ruth Chris.

Yes, it will.

They own some higher end places as well.

I love flemmngs which is owned by outback. As Outback has declined, flemmijgs has become better

I guess my standards are lower than yours! I think RL and OG are pretty good places! Darden also owns Bahama Breeze which I love. If they try to keep the Ruth Chris quality it will be good!

I’m not a fan of Olive Garden. I just don’t like pasta much.

Darden doesn’t own red lobster anymore. I do like red lobster though

How has Outback declined? It’s been a while since I’ve been to one.

Everything is meh. Still decent priced but the quality of everything has declined.

One guy on TikTok said in 2008 during the recession they stopped making everything in house and went to packaged products for most things.

No clue if it’s true but the bread isn’t as good. The meat is less tasty and the salad dressing isn’t as good

Outback has always been meh, the food was never very good. Ruth’s food is decent but you’re paying for the top notch service and experience. We go once or twice a year but have steak houses we like better.

@Bears54 - Is the original Morton’s Steak house in Chicago still good. I haven’t been there in a few decades but remember it was much better than the Morton’s I went to in other cities.

I haven’t been to Morton’s in probably 15 years, my favorite local steak place is Gibson’s. I make a great steak at home but we enjoy the experience or a upscale restaurant. We’ll got to Ruth’s Chris’s a couple times a year because a couple we hang out with likes them. Ruth’s also has a 3 course special a few times a year that a pretty good deal.

@Bears54 - I don’t know if it is still there but another steak house in Chicago that we liked was the Chicago Chop House that was located in a historical townhouse

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