Rum tasting

Telling @mcarley to go drink a whiskey reminded me.
I went to a rum tasting last week at a local pub.
I am a fan of rum in general, but what I tasted there was magical.

The two that I ended up buying were one clear and one spiced (which is actually not my favorite)

Papi’s Pilar Blonde

Greenbar Crusoe Spiced

This one literally tasted like a liquid snickerdoodle cookie.

My old neighbor heads up the neuroscience department at KU Med and went to Cuba several years ago for an international conference. He brought back some Cuban cigars and Cuban rum. We sat back on my deck and had the rum on the rocks - it was smooth enough go drink straight. That and a good cigar made for a nice evening.

I have some coconut water that i may spash in this, but other than that it is smooth as hell!

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