Rotten Ally bank!

Ally has been a pretty fair leader in interest bearing accounts for a while. But if we look at its history we can understand just how it got to be problematical.

You see this institution was founded in 1909, as General Motors Acceptance Corp aka GMAC, lender to anybody who wanted to finance a GM car. At some point they took on the new much-more-benign name.

Anyway, today said bank shut my two accounts, without notice of any kind! All I have is a few weeks ago a message wanting a better address and demanding a home address, where I park my trailer this month I suppose. I use street address of post office which is perfectly legitimate. They are treating me like I have borrowed 100K for a truck or something and they need to find it. I never borrowed a dime!

To make matters worse, bank cannot even provide any tracking info for checks that they claim to have cut. I think this is a place to stay away from!

Update: More than one rep insists my check is in the mail. To same address that is not good enough for them of course. And they consistently say there is no tracking number because it went out “regular” mail.

Can you imagine sending a significant amount (not doctor money but certainly significant) with NO accountability, in regular first class mail! I think it is insane, and when it arrives WITH a tracking number I will have proof positive that they are lying LIARS.

Sure enough… Proof positive that Ally (GMAC) is a bunch or lying liars. Check did arrive in Priority Mail, of course WITH a tracking number. At least they are not so stupid as to use regular First Class. The lie is that there is no tracking number. It translates to “I find no info about any tracking.”

Today this outfit sent another mail requesting a call back because they “could not reach me.” Following up the reference numbers we find they are “reaching out” because I gave them a s**t review. Rating zero on a couple of questions. So they actually do follow up on reviews. I suspect NOT to fix anything but to cut pay of ever what rep was unlucky enough to take disgruntled customer’s call. I do feel sorry for that rep. Just wish I could have given it to the rep that said she would connect me to a supervisor and INSTEAD dumped me on the survey line!