Romney/Cotton bill

If the Democrats can’t get behind this then nothing should get done.

They want the 15 and the ability for illegals to work.

I’d support 15 if we punish companies harder for hiring illegal workers.

I don’t support 15 because it isn’t based on data.
The Consumer Price Index shows that inflation since the last minimum wage increase is about 22%.
So the Cotton/Romney bill actually goes above that.

This assumes the last increase was sufficient.

Go back to the original purpose. The federal minimum wage should be sufficient that a full-time worker earning the minimum should be able to keep a family of 3 out of poverty. After that, states and localities can vary based on conditions.

Democrats don’t care about data. 15 is going to happen. I’d rather get some win out of it.

You are assuming it wasn’t.

The minimum wage in 1938 was 25 cents.
The value of a 1938 dollar in todays economy is $18.09.
Doing the math that would make the minimum wage today $4.52.

Wintermute - I agree with you but it will never happen. With out current administration it will be easier for illegal aliens to get jobs without any consequences.

I am not a fan of illegal immigrants. It’s disruptive to the job market and many other things.

If we need the labor give them a path to come here. If we don’t need the labor. Send them home.

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I wonder how many business in certain industries oppose this bill because they would not be able to hire illegal aliens at wages much lower than Americans will accept for the work being done.

I am curious too.
I would bet very few of them will admit it in public.
Back when Bush tried to push amnesty business’ were publicly in favor of it, now not so much.