Roku TV vs Google TV!

We are looking for a Roku TV in the black Friday sales. Anyway I see discussion touting such a thing as a Google TV, previously called Android TV. They are saying google one is an “upgrade” over a Roku.

You gotta be kidding me! Google is the essence of EVIL. Who on earth would buy a TV that lets Google/CIA inherently spy on you? It’s worse than telling Amazon your every move.

Any thoughts on one vs the other?

Here’s a pro tip, if you have a smart phone you’re already being spied on.

I have all 3 …roku Goog and fire.
I prefer the clear uncluttered screen of Roku.

However I have had Roku by far the longest.
And that probably afects my decision.

I like that I know exactly where everything is… no jumping around.

Well we’re not getting far on understanding, primarily because I have not seen google TV. I did have a fire stick and could not get what I wanted so it is gone. Also took a Commie Cast streaming box but never opened the package because it also was a non-starter. I want my Roku built in so I don’t need an extra clicker to use it.

Yes Beemer we know we are being spied on. I just object to patronizing anything as blatantly evil as google or fake book. 25 or so years ago when they appeared their slogan was “Don’t be Evil” but now they obviously are. Maybe since Roku is considered to be not as good, it may cost a bit less. Or maybe it will go poof which will not make me happy.

I have owned both. In my opinion, the Roku TV is far superior. One of the cool features is it will search all the attached services when you do a search. The interface is also more funtional

Roku works great and even if another service is better I doubt Roku is going away anytime soon. My kid has used both and he thinks Google TV is better but he’s more into technology than I am. Once Google TV is fully integrated with Google Home I might consider switching from Roku, I really like Google Home.

With the Roku Clicker you can do on/off and volume.
That is all I really need.

I did attach my 5.1 System to the TVs HDMI Arc.
The 5.1 turns on with the TV. The sound is great!

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