Prime Directive Failed: Food Delivery Robot Drives Through LA Crime Scene - YouTube

Isn’t the whole city a crime scene?


The spike in crime in LA and other cities across the country, all traces back to the BLM movement.

And are all run by democrats, they are getting what they deserve.

You’re pretty grumpy in real life, aren’t ya Bears?

I’m telling you, get off the boards and an embargo on cable news for a few weeks will do you wonders. It’s fall dude, get outside!

Lol…nope, life’s good. I just like pointing out how stupid lefties are, which is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Lol…says the guy that has 2,000 more posts than me. :joy:

BTW I don’t watch cable news, only on election night.

I walked my dog for 3 miles, rode 17 miles in the moutains and im going to an open air concert tonite. Havent turned on cable news once today…you should try it.

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