Robbery? College Football Playoff Field Is Set

From what I’ve seen of games, Michigan is the weakest of the top four. Yeah, FSU got screwed. At any other time in the season, the #1 team loses to a top 10 team by 3 points, they would not drop 5 spots. At least this is the last time this will happen.

College Football may as well be gymnastics.
Nothing against gymnastics, but football has a objective way of scoring, gymnastics is subjective.

This is 100% about ESPN needing the SEC in the playoff.

That may be so. I would have picked Michigan, Washington, FSU and then picked blindfolded from a hat among Georgia, Ohio St, Alabama and Texas. FSU won the ACC, but football in that conference is apparently not thought to be as important as the SEC and Big12 conference winners.

The number goes to 12 next year, and I predict people will still complain about the picks.

The problem is there is no objective rules in place.
When I hear someone use the term “eye test” I want to punch them trough the TV.
Booger McFarland had an epic rant about how the “eye test” is bad.

Conspiracy theory of the week.
ESPN is owned by Disney.
DeSantis is feuding with Disney.
ESPN colluded with the CFP committee to keep FSU out to punish DeSantis.

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Sen. Scott wants answers.

I am hesitant to get Congress involved in College Sports, they are one of the few organizations more corrupt than the NCAA. But this is one time it may actually be appropriate.’

I think the two Georgia senators should also join this, since their team got passed over too.
(Picture sarcasm emoticon now.)