In the past year a number of good restaurants near me that are beef oriented closed. Do you think this is due to all the articles that say how bad beef is for you.

I haven’t really seen an increase in such articles or noticed that trend of closures.

But sometimes things like that go in cycles. Less demand for beef for a while, more for something else.

Beef got really expensive. Beef prices are about to increase substantially at the super market. The price for beef on the hoof recently reached all time highs. The chart below is the historical 25 year graph. That spike that happened in 2014-2015 was drought related. I recall that time because I buy hay for horses. Back in that time, hay was 3x normal prices. People were sending horses off to slaughter because they couldn’t afford to feed them (horse slaughter is for dog food here in US but human consumption in Mexico). It was so bad, farmers would trailer their cattle to the auction house. While they were in the auction, their truck and trailer were left unattended in the parking lot. Someone would bring their horse to the auction house and load they unwanted horses into a farmers empty cattle trailer.