Report: Americans Could See Mass Power Shutoffs - Experts Sound Off on Alarming New Data

Alarming new data shows that millions of American households have overdue utility bills, sparking concern that large-scale power shutoffs could be coming for residential customers.

According to the National Energy Assistance Directors Association, over 20 million households are behind on their utility payments.

From the Link…

The average cost of electricity in the U.S. was up 15.2 percent year-over-year in July, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Bloomberg reported that that was the sharpest 12-month increase in over 15 years.

I seem to remember when Electric Utilities were subsidizing increased Insulation and the like.

The rational was that subsidizing less demand was better than the cost of new power plants.

Today we are subsidizing increased Electric Consumption (E-vehicles) with little or no increase in power generating.

Soon it will hit the fan… that is if we have enough power to run the fan. :grinning:

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Don’t worry team Biden will figure out a way for the taxpayers to foot the bill. Instead of helping people increase their wealth and become self sufficient dems want more people dependent on the government and poor.