Replace Bushing Front Lower Arm Compliance

When my husband’s Acura, which was transferred to me after he died, was recently checked by an Acura dealer they told me it needs new spark plugs, to have its coolant exchange, and to have its Bushing Front Lower Arm Compliance replaced.

I have an appointment with the dealer to do the first two items but am not sure how I can tell it needs to have its busing front lower arm compliance replaced. I understand if it really needs to be replaced there can be a serious issue with the steering if I don’t, but how can I be able to know if it really needs to be replaced. It is a 2012 Acura with 31,000 miles.

What do you think?

Good link that Weenut posted. I have never heard of that type bushing failing with that low of miles. If it is going bad, you will feel it while driving.

The plug most likely don’t need to be changed. Modern cars can go a lot further on one set of plugs.

Coolant breaks Down over time. Not sure how long it last

Thanks for the information. In light of the fact that I never noticed this problem while driving how can the dealer tell the bushing front lower arm needs to be replaced. Do you think they are going by the age of the car instead of the miles driven?

That is what I was thinking, but I am a rank amateur.

Coolant yes.

Spark plugs no.

I know in my last car I have the original set in with over 100k of miles. The dealership checked them and said they were well within spec.

I use to have to change them fairly frequently but modern plugs are better.

I was thinking if the bushing.
30,000 miles seems low, but 11 years is a while on a car.

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