Regarding Henry

I loved the movie Regarding Henry when it was first released in 1991 and saw it again tonight on TV. It starred Harrison Ford as a ruthless attorney who lost his memory, as well as other abilities, from being shot. When they came back he realized he did not like the person he was and became a much a nicer person.

Has anyone else seen this movie?

No, but I may see if it has been adapted to Stage and see if my community theater will do it.

I saw that when it came out.

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wmj - Do you think this movie would appeal to audiences today the way it did in 1991?

BM: That is a good question. For a very honest answer, I am the wrong person to ask. I don’t remember how well it was received when I saw it. I was in my early twenties and didn’t pay much attention to news on movies. Today I am in my mid fifties and still don’t pay much attention. :smile:

I saw it, though it has been a while. Good flick.

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