Reduction in Belief In Fairy Tails

This aspect of society is slowly improving.

How is it that high?

What % of the population believes a man can become a woman ?


Faith is powerful.

Lots of people need an invisible friend to lean on.

Have not seen a survey on that.

I am not one of them.

Right on time butler!

Because belief in God doesn’t require an organized religion. While 81% believe in God, only 47% belong to a church. I believe that there is a supreme being or something up there, but I don’t believe that it’s an old man hell bent on watching my every move so that he can condemn me to the fires of hell for eternity.

Fairy tails?? I keep getting these visions.

Maybe just a quarter mushroom next time jim?

While crime, violence against our fellow human and societal decay continue their upward climb.

The human heart and soul longs to be with its creator. We are going to worship something. If not that which created us then it will be those who are like us. Its not working out to well is it?

No he won’t condemn you at all. But he will allow you to have for eternity what you chose while on earth.

No it certainly doesn’t. I can believe that my lights will turn on when I flip a switch and not understand or care to understand why that happens or the history behind it.

Hmmm that might not be too bad. I mean, sure, there are some shitty times on earth, but I’d go thru them again instead of having to listen to neverending harp music…

And if it’s history that is recorded int he bible…why did King James need his own version of it…I mean they say the bible is God’s word, shouldn’t that have been good enough?

Because like the rest of us and all of humanity King James was a fallen human being and like Martin Luther decided he wanted to protest (protestant) with his own ideas of interpretation. Most but not all interpretations vary very little from each other or from the original.

The bible is the inspired word of God not quoted by him verbatim. It is largely held, as there is no evidence of it, that Jesus told no one to write anything down. But he did establish a (one) church on earth on the rock of Peter and it exists to promulgate his teachings especially through the seven sacraments that Jesus established while on earth some 2000 years ago.

Of course being created by God we have free will to reject it all. We just need to be prepared to accept our decision for eternity. Forever is a long time.

I would argue that there is a gigantic difference between Martin Luther and King James reasoning.

Everything in the bible took place in Iraq and other places over there. I doubt if there was anyone named Peter, Adam, John, Mathew, etc. It’s all BS.

She gets it.

Dearie me.

It puts a smile on my face when I think of all the God hating liberals spending Eternity in a lake of fire.

I often wondered how common the names Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are in the middle east, but they wrote the gospel of the new testament. They had their buddies Peter, Paul and a couple of Mary’s. Good middle eastern names.