Red Lobster's 'Ultimate Shrimp' Deal Backfires

I don’t understand why people like all you can eat when it’s not tasty and delicious. There are a few sushi places near me that offer AYCE but it’s pretty good and the same items you order off their menu. A Wisconsin Supper Club thing is AYCE Friday fish fry which are usually pretty good, but how much fish can you really eat?

One problem with Red Lobsters AYCE deal is that Red Lobster assumes dinners are going to order drinks, apps and/or dessert. People ordering all they can eat anything for $20 are looking for a deal and not a complete dining experience, they want a lot of mediocre food cheap.

In a somewhat related topic, there is a restaurant in Rhode Island with an all you can eat buffet including Lobsters. The price has been going up steadily each year as lobster has become very expensive.

While living in New England used to go there every couple of years.

I don’t mind a high end buffet or brunch if the food is high quality. Although I’ve been guilty of hitting a cheap Chinese buffet for lunch, but that was because you can try several different dishes and are in and out quick.

The shrimp scampi is good. The test is eh.

People are glutens and want to feel they got a good deal.

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In my 20’s I could put a hurting on a buffet’s bottom line.

That’s me and my son at an all you can eat sushi place. The new one we found is pretty good and for $25 for lunch we put the hurt on them. A few weeks ago we split 7 premium rolls ($13.95 each on the menu), a couple apps and 20 pieces of nigiri.

I forgot where you live…but is this in Atlanta area ? I have been looking for one when I come home and visit my parents…

I’m in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. There are a ton of sushi places all over but not all are very good, do your research.