Record for errors?

I’m curious. What’s the record for the number of errors on a single play in baseball? This one was scored as three.

This was one of the funniest plays I have seen in a while.
Heads up base running.


I had always thought if the first baseman gets the ball, you’re done. Didn’t know it was even possible/legal to backtrack towards home & still be in play.

edit— I see now. The commentators are saying “backpedal to first base.” If he had tagged the base the runner would have been out. I’m obviously not a baseball connoisseur lol.

Good runner. Really keen eye & aggressive hustle.

edit yet again— so is it really 4 errors?

  1. First baseman chases runner rather than stepping on first base.
  2. First baseman throws to catcher too late to tag home stealer.
  3. Second baseman misses ball at first base.
  4. Shortstop misses ball at second base.

Not sure. When we were discussing this yesterday, I heard that it was ruled 3 errors, see below. Then someone said fielders choice and error. Then CBS Sports said “The play was ruled a fielder’s choice and a throwing error was charged to Pirates catcher Michael Perez. Willson Contreras scored from second base on the play.”

Now that’s some funny stuff…and you don’t even need to like baseball to laugh.

They should have given all the errors to the 1st baseman. There were already two outs and all he had to do is touch first base when he had the ball. At least it was an entertaining play.

Agreed. If all the other errors were enabled only through his initial one…

I’ll bet that first baseman ate some serious dirt in the postgame, good grief.

I didn’t realize there were two outs.
That makes it an even dumber play.
This is an example of a disregard for fundamentals at the highest level of sports.