Really fugly

I’m sure that some folks will buy it, just so people know that they have enough money to buy this ugly assed thing.

I was going to buy one. I just sold my Tesla and bought an Audi. All the price drops were making me under water on the loan.

My car was a 2020. They offered me 38. The Audi was sticker at 61. They paid off my loan and the price was 50k.

I figured it was a good deal for now.

Depending on the reviews of the truck. I’ll buy it

Please don’t tell me that you find this monstrosity attractive.

I think it’s sexy as hell

My God.

So do a lot of people.

Like I said…there are people who will buy it to prove to the world that they have money to burn on such a fugly vehicle. Kind of like in the early 80’s when Mercedes had those baby poop brown and pea greet cars.

To be fair, it is ugly as hell.

But I am not one to buy things to be “normal”.

I would consider it.

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Don’t care what a car/truck looks like. Long as it gets me from point A to point B. Been doing that for 51 years.

Do I put you in the “I’d buy one” category?

Current car is a 2006 Chrysler Sebring with 135,000 miles. If I make it to age 80 in 10 and 1/2 years, yes I can be put in “I’d buy one category”.

IF only Elon had been on the scene 20 years ago, Pontiac might still be in business. Oh well…it’s nice to see some of their designers got on with Tesla

I have no problem driving a heaping pile of crap. I have no problem driving unique custom fugly vehicles. If it is one of a kind fugly that is ok and becomes cool. Mass produced fugly from a factory is not cool. I am a hard pass on this ride. History is not going to look back favorably for this thing.

My real question is will it have enough gumption to really be classified as a “truck”?

A truck is something with an open bed. The ranchero was a “truck”

Technically, but I am referring to function.

My thoughts. Ranchero and El Camino are the first things that came to mind when calling this a “truck”.

The mullet of cars.

A boss of mine in the 80s had an El Camino… he called it his “Cowboy Cadillac” for some obscure reason. He actually loved and drove the thing until his death in the early 90s.

I have a feeling when my son makes his first big money he will end up buying one as his toy.