Really? Backblaze Says SSDs Aren’t More Reliable Than HDDs

They may not be more reliable but they are certainly faster

I agree, and have SSDs in two computers. I also have two external HDs that I use for backups.

I do know that the many HDs that I have had in prior computers eventually failed. I tried creating a list of prior computers that we have owned, but can’t remember them all.

There is someone who has a podcast dealing with modern technology. His name is Dave Graveline and the show is called IntoTomorrow.

For years he has said that once you go to a SSD, you never go back.

About 4 to 5 years my Hard drive crapped out. Had it replaced with a SSD. Still working fine on my Windows 7 computer today.

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I’m about a generation late to the table on hardware. I don’t think any of my uncurrent stuff has solid state storage. Yes, hard drives do fail, but there exceptions, too. I got a 1/2 gig usb external from OWC (Other World Computing) in 2004 to backup and eventually replace a flaky internal on an aging iMac. I still works fine, has never failed and I keepi connected to my current Mac as it has an older operating system that I can still boot from and run some legacy software that is still useful, but no longer runs on more newer OSs.

I remember when I setup my NAS that the advice was to avoid SSDs due to the high write operation, especially when used in RAID configurations. I am not sure what the stance is now…

That’s true, I have one and love it!

Thanks Awesome!

That’s the case with me. Spindle-based HDDs are way too slow, clunky, & annoying.

Fragmentation becomes a problem on them pretty quickly, especially today with these god awful OSs constantly updating/rewriting their software.

Switching to solid state was like night & day. HDDs are only worth a damn as external/supplemental storage, not the OS drive.

Screw the spindle. Will never, ever go back. If my SSD starts to fail, I will replace it. Worth the cost.

The only drawback to SSD’s is that when they fail, the data on them is unrecoverable. it’s possible to salvage some off a bad hard drive.

Not the decent ones. They’ll tell you when they’re starting to notice errors, once they’ve been written over too many times.

Good to know.

If you are going to be a heavy, heavy user – to such an extent that you’ll write over every copper surface multiple times before it’s time to replace the computer – then to KC’s point yes you’ll need a strategy/plan to replace it. If you have lots of indispensable data on the SSD, then it is worth considering replacing it before it starts to mess up.

But I’d rather deal with that problem than slow, crappy, intolerable HDDs making your computer borderline unusable after a few years of software updates & heavy fragmentation.

And in any case, if you’ve got your data backed up and you are just using the SSD to run the OS, then you don’t have much to lose in the (IMO unlikely) event your drive crashes before you can transfer it.

It works for me, but I’m not mining bitcoin or gaming or doing other heavy use.

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