Real world study

We are about to get a real world research project on economic policies

Argentina just elected a true Big L Libertarian as President.

Their inflation rate has hit 140%!!!
This needs to be revisited in 1,3,5, and 10 years to see the stark difference in outcomes between capitalism and socialism.

I didn’t think Argentina was a socialism ?

It isn’t but the last leader was.’

gdp 632.77 billion lets watch

Good metric.
To be fair, we should measure growth vs previous growth (or shrink) and vs growth in the rest of the world.

I don’t know if this is a litmus test for anything, Argentina is a very special place. Their inflation rate is legendary, between 1980-2022 the average rate of inflation is 206%. Per year! (Is that even possible?)

Politics is always goofy but never more than this Javier guy. Hell with it, let’s see where this goes.

He literally could have run on a campaign slogan of “I can’t do any fucking worse”.

I believe this is his first political office…sounds like somebody else I’ve heard about.

So history says it should work out well economically.

Like i said, argentina is nothing like US or european nations. I wish them all the best but the 140% annual inflation rate is 66% below the averate going back to 1980. The numbers cannot be right, but i read them on the internet.

I just went straight from the article I linked.

Im talking about the data I linked, it’s just a different paradigm in South America.

That chart is fucking crazy!!!
One of the new guys proposals is to literally get rid of the Peso and go strictly with the US dollar.

Two of his big ticket items;

State run media and stare run energy.