Real research

This is interesting.

Small sample size, and at the end it summarized the five limitations.
But it shows that there is at least some hint that vaccines are stronger than immunity from previous infection.

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Didn’t WM tell you that months ago? And, there is some indication that vaccines help symptoms for those with long COVID.

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Nothing against WM, but I don’t rely on anonymous message boards for my information.

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Good point, I just mean this isn’t new info.

I feel much better after getting my jabs. Much more secure.

Except for some lethargy due to all the energy that Windows 11 is draining via the microchips.

No offense taken but I told you so. :slight_smile:

It’s the way vaccines work in general.

I really like the link, it is very explanatory and also clearly states the limitations, unlike Fauci who’s explanation is “because Fauci said so “!

I should add one disclaimer. As long as the vaccine is correct. It should give better immunity than the real virus.