Random Acts of Kindness

With all the self-centered greedy politicians and celebrities that dominate the news, I thought it would be nice to have a thread for sharing random acts of kindness that we have experienced.

Sometimes I’ll surprise friends with small gifts.

I sent two flowers today. One because she felt excluded at work because all the girls received flowers except her. Now all the girls are talking to her.

The other, long story. lol.

I think people have forgot how to be kind.

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I like to pay it backward, sometimes in the Starbucks drive through I’ll say the car behind me is paying for my coffee.

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While waiting for the ambulance when I was attacked at a gas station a few months ago, a woman who was filling her tank overheard me telling an employee at the gas station that I was concerned that I couldn’t contact my husband because my iPhone was in my purse that was stolen. That woman then told me to use her phone to call my husband.

The following day I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from that woman asking how II was because she was very concerned about how bloody my face was. When I asked her how she knew my name and phone number, she said my number was in her phone from when I tried to call my husband.

That random act of kindness at a time when I had such a traumatic experience made me realize how good some people are.

I can give two examples, one from each end.

First, from the receiving end many years ago when I lived in Korea I was caught without an umbrella when it started to pour. I got out of the rain and onto the subway, where I was pretty wet. At one station a lady getting off handed me her umbrella and then got off before I could thank her.

Second, from the giving end I was in Washington, DC several years at a convenience store. This was the closest one to the hotel and there weren’t any others in the immediate area. One lady who had just arrived wanted to buy something but they did not take credit cards and she had no cash. I could tell she was really tired. I told her I I would pay for her purchase, and she was thankful.

I saw so many during the last few years of caregiving. In the early to middle stages, my wife was constantly leaving her purse, phone, jacket, or something somewhere. They ALWAYS came back. Several people made real effort to get them back to us, some finding her or me on Facebook. Eventually, I learned to take responsibility for her stuff myself.

Several other examples along the way. People just stepping in and doing stuff for us. My neighbor would often take our trash cans to the curb. Sometimes, I was forgetting.

I’ve seen the Starbucks pay the car behind you a few times.

If I worked at a drive-thru and you said that, I would tell you that you can get your coffee from the car behind you too.

To be clear I was kidding. Think I remember a comedian making that joke.

The sad thing is that there are plenty of people who would try pulling that and those who would fall for it too.

Worked fast food for seven years. Seen everything, people trying to attack me through the window, drunks, people driving backwards through the drive through.

When I smoked, a girl in front of me didn’t have enough cash on her to pay for her vape refills. She went out to her car to see if she could find more. I told the guy to put the difference on my sale and took her the cartridges.

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