Raiders' Mark Davis believes NFL 'out to get him'

A tin foil hat will go well with Raider silver and black.

His dad wasn’t exactly the poster boy for sanity.

The whole fan base feels victimized too. :sob:

I saw something that I would be inclined to believe.
There are rumors that Dan Snyder leaked them to take the heat off of him and the Redskins front office.

The Raiders have long been prone to conspiracy theories like this, but the Snyder thing wouldn’t shock me. The fact that the Snyder report is verbal, when the charges are pretty serious, shows that billionaire owners are far more protected than millionaire coaches. I won’t defend Gruden, but he was expendable.

First, get with the times. It is the WFT. As JimToo said once, it is too bad they couldn’t have come up with a name with the acronym WTF. :grinning:

Second, I disagree. While Snyder is an idiot and I would not put much past him, it would not make much sense for him to leak those e-mails now. The NFL had already pretty much given Snyder a pat on the wrist and was going to let the entire thing slide. Those e-mails were part of the investigation of the WFT, and by leaking those it was bound to increase calls to make everything else about that investigation public. That is the last thing that Snyder wants.

I agree with changing the name and I know it’s complicated, but why does it take two+ years? Isn’t one full season of calling them “football team” enough?

I am not really a fan of the team, but they will always be the Redskins to me.

I said before that I actually agree with Snyder taking his time to come up with the next name for the team. Whatever they choose will have a major impact on branding, licensing, revenue, etc, and they need to get it right. This is not a decision to be rushed.

I read an article where they compared this to when the Washington Bullets changed their name to the Washington Wizards. That new name was not received well, and many people questioned how they could have come up with that.

Under Snyder’s ownership they were the Deadskins to me.

But they have some die hard fans.
Have to for as bad as they have been for as long as they have been.

I agree with taking his time too, but two seasons now?

I don’t love or hate the Wizards. The team has always sucked.

The Lakers moved out of Minnesota and are still the Lakers, which is weird, but people don’t mind because they win. I’m not sure Utah is the first place people think of when the word Jazz comes to mind, but they took the name with them.

I am today years old when I learned that the Utah Jazz were not originally from Utah.

They have also lost a lot of fans too. I have talked about how when Jack Kent Cooke owned the team and they played at RFK Stadium they used to have packed houses with really loud crowds that made it a very difficult place for visiting teams. Compare that to today where FedEx Field often either has a ton of empty seats or is taken over by the visiting team’s fans. That is a direct reflection on Snyder as an owner.

When I first hear that name I thought of the Grand Wizard of the KKK. I doubt that is what they had in mind. Later, when I saw the team’s logo I thought it looked really childish.

As another example, back in the days of the old North American Soccer League there was a team called the New England Tea Men, an obvious reference to the Boston Tea Party. It moved to Jacksonville and became the Jacksonville Tea Men.

The Tennessee Oilers name also did not make much sense when that team used it for the first two years after moving from Houston. The name Indianapolis Colts also seems like a misnomer, since they race cars and not horses in Indianapolis.

Speaking of which, how did you like the game Monday?

I think the Jazz owner offered to sell the name to the Pelicans a couple of years ago. One of those situations where the name should definitely have stayed with the city.

I didn’t see it. I just read about it. I think the Bills did the right thing going for the win at the end instead of kicking the field goal for overtime.

I was worried that they might have a let-down after the big win the previous week on Sunday Night in Kansas City. Any team coming off a win like that is primed for a letdown.

That does not make sense on two levels.

First, the Jazz were not popular in New Orleans at all. Nobody shed any tears when they left, and nobody gave a rat’s rear-end about that name.

Second, the name Jazz means a lot in Utah now. It would make absolutely no sense for that team to re-brand after building up the identity and equity of that name over forty-plus years.

For those reasons I am very skeptical of that. With that said, you can always prove me wrong.

When the Jazz moved to Utah the states black population doubled.