Question for older members

I had cataract surgery a few years ago and have no eye diseases. Yet my night vision is not as good as it was. My eye doctor told me this is not uncommon for a person that is my age because the aging process affects night vision.

Unfortunately, I live in an area that is very dark at night due a lack of sidewalks, a lack of streetlights, and homes that are far apart. Consequently, I don’t like to drive at night and will either turn down invitations to prevent driving at night or take an uber.

Does anyone else have this issue?

I stopped driving at night a couple years ago.

I don’t like driving at night because my night vision is not nearly as good as daytime

Seems pretty common I think

Not to hijack your thread or anything, but speaking of older members, anyone heard from PP recently?

The dark doesn’t bother me but meeting other cars with their headlights do. It takes more than a few seconds to get my “night vision” back.

Last time he posted anything here was on August 4th and on the “other Forum”, it was Ausust 3rd.

I hope he is ok.


Thanks for the responses to my question. How do you handle the problem of not liking to drive at night because your night vision is not as good as it use to be.

Most of my friends with this issue seem to either get a ride from someone, or not go. Neither are great solutions. Public transit also if they have some in your area.

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bridge, my wife has pretty much stopped driving after dark. She will, but is very reluctant. I’ve probably cut my night driving in half over the last few years. We like to go see live music performed, so I will drive for that.

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Moved to North Carolina from Massachusetts back in 2007. One of the things that I first noticed with the roads down here are how narrow the shoulder areas are.

Driving at night require a lot more concentration when you get older. Like others have stated, avoid night time driving whenever possible.

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Funny story from a sad situation.
My father passed away in 2007 at 84 years old.
He was driving up until a couple of months before he died.
When my brother and I were going through his car and getting all his stuff together, we found a set of night vision goggles. We looked at each other for what felt like at least a minute and then starting laughing hysterically.
This is not to be interpreted as a solution!!!

Years ago used to see these advertised on TV. Don’t know how good they worked. But most of the “As seen on TV” stuff was/is junk.

These were actual NVG’s, I literally have no effing idea how he got them!!

We were making jokes for years that Dad was a spook for the CIA.

A few nights ago there was a tragic accident near where I live. A lady was hit by a car while she was crossing the street which knocked her down but that driver fled the scene. Then a few minutes later another driver ran over her because he didn’t see her on the ground. That driver at least called 911 to tell them what happened. This woman was tragically DOA. A witness to this accident told the police that the woman was looking at her mobile phone at the time she was hit and was also jaywalking even though she very close to a corner that had a traffic light.

This is an example of the tragic consequences that can occur when someone who doesn’t have good night vision drives at night. With this in mind, I have decided that I will no longer drive at night.

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BM–there’s an interesting article in the latest AARP magazine about night driving. It goes into some detail about changes to our eyes as we age and headlight technology I didn’t know about.

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I agree as you are seeing here, “driving” at night is not so bearable as it used to be. It is bothering me a little bit but I still do when needed. New bride likes me to handle the task but will get in and go if need be, even in the truck. Late wife essentially quit “driving” long ago and then the only time I remember was getting me home from colonoscopy a couple of months before she expired. Wow I was white knuckled that was a scary ride.

We just pretty much try to avoid when possible. Working 2nd shift helps, because I am remote and no longer have to travel to jump in the bed.