Question for fitness gurus

About two months ago I started changing some things about my lifestyle to lose weight and get in better shape.
By almost all of the metrics I am doing great.
I have lost weight, my runs are faster, I am lifting more, I am sleeping better, I am feeling better, etc.
But in the last week my resting heart rate climbed up, 7-8 beats a minute in the last week.
I can’t figure out what is different.

Have you had covid?

That isn’t sarcasm. One of the side effects is an elevated heart rate.


If I do it is asymptomatic.
I actually thought about that because it is the same issue as when I had me second shot.
I am going to a wellness visit Thursday, I may ask them for a test.

Not really, nothing more than usual.
And I tend to handle stress pretty well anyway.

I’m not sure the heart will really improve that much over 2 months time. And so many things could elevate your resting HR, stress, slat or other things you eat. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, just keep improving and your resting hr will come down.

That is the thing, it was slowly coming down, then over the last few days it spiked.
I am not really that worried, just wierd.

That’s what led me to testing. My heart kept jumping by 15 beats for no reason that I knew of.

Fluctuations are Normal and the wrist monitors are not always accurate.

I turned out negative and then one day it went to normal again.

Also caffeine and a few Other things can spike it

Cut 23 seconds from my run this morning at basically the same heart rate as last week.
And my resting dropped three points.
So don’t worry, the parrot will still be around to squawk his words of wisdom!!!


Are you taking any new medications. That can be a side effect

Supported by a recording artist you know.

“With all of our running and all of our cunning
If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane”

Nice, not one of his super well known songs.

As you know, I am hardly the picture of a fitness guru…I just ride my bike a lot. I checked mine the other day and I was also up 6 to 7 points at 60. This morning it was back down to 53. Not sure how a fat guy like me has that, but it is what it is.

Thanks. I can’t remember what I did last week or who I met yesterday, but I can somehow remember lyrics of songs.