PScott is no longer anonymous

He is Jim Cramer.

What am I missing?

There is a reason his program is called MAD Money.

Anyone still give him any credibility? Jon Stewart basically ripped him to shreds more than a decade ago.

Jim Cramer has gone full fascist on the vax mandates.
Similar to what PScott has advocated on this forum.

This is the first time I have heard from him in years.


Lefties get their hard hitting political news from comedians that aren’t funny.

He is all over CNBC. He has own show, Mad Money, and is a commentator on their Opening Bell show and pops up on other shows. He is a trader, not an investor.

and righties get their new political news from politicians who are often unintentionally funny in a scary way. Actually, skilled comedians can be pretty insightful and skillfully point out, humorously, the shortcomings of the clothesless emperors.

I never took Jim Cramer’s advice seriously, even when he was very popular.


…facts. Hey Geeze, when is Fauci and the "experts"going to get it right? Maybe we just need 2 weeks to flatten the curve. :joy:

BTW did you actually fall for that? How about if you’re fully vaccinated you don’t need to wear a mask? How about when your hero Fauci said in July he didn’t think boosters were going to be necessary?

To be fair. Stewart is more credible than CNN.

This is much harsher targeted & unprovoked criticism than I have ever seen you engage in before.

You occasionally tell me I am being an asshole, but apparently that condition isn’t isolated to me.

Then you missed a good contrary indicator!

Not really…it was just a hit piece. He pulled like 30 seconds of footage out of a multiple decade career. About what you would expect from lefty Stewart.

Always looked at his show as an infomercial

Like how to succeed in multilevel marketing

I can be an ass every once in a while.
But there is a lot of truth in my comparison.

It was an interview. Let people judge for themselves.

That is funny. But you do know that I am fully on board with letting people die, by the millions, if necessary, in order to protect their right to be stupid.
I’m mostly concerned with the costs to our economy by keeping the pandemic going longer than necessary, the stressing of our medical system, and the innocents who are collateral damage, because of those who have politicized covid-19…the unvaccinated, who are mostly Republicans.

Yes definitely. Those people don’t scare me

The problem is we could have had an economic effect to COVID going longer than necessary and the Swedish model is the best. Of course if you get COVID, you will get supplemental oxygen at a military barracks instead of taking up an ICU bed.

I don’t think ICU beds should be wasted on contagious diseases and that military centers kind of like how we handled TB in the late 19th and early 20th century would have been a better use of resources; surgical and chemo patients should not have be to next to unvaccinated COVID patients

As we tell our kids, you choose the situation, you choose the consequences. I am unsympathetic if you don’t get the highest quality care for an acute disease like COVID. That should be saved for cancer, heart disease, and septic shock which are chronic conditions and what hospitals know best