Proud of my kid

When my daughter was in college, she competed in a bodybuilding competition. I had never seen her more proud of that accomplishment. She had been thru some rough times over the past couple of years and had her self confidence shaken. Seven years later, she decided to train for another one. She did…fitting it in between 12 hour days in the ICU at her hospital (with many extra shifts) and taking care of her son on the days she has him. Last weekend she was in a competition in Des Moines. She medaled - third place. Which wasn’t bad after a 7 year hiatus. She was proud of her accomplishment, and rightly so.


Tell her, “Great job,” from me. :trophy:

Nice, that is a serious commitment.
I know a couple of people that have done it and it is no joke.

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That is awesome! Congratulations!

Sounds like you did a good job of raising her. Congrats!

This was from the competition

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Awesome for her!

That’s hard as heck to lift so much

Great job for her.

Which gym does she work out at?

I’m not sure. It’s in shawnee

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